Dino Boy,Michael Den

Dino Boy

Info Edit

Real Name: Mike Den

Other Names: Dino Man and Dino

Status: Hero

Occupation: Adventurer; super hero; Dino Mutant


Dino Boy

Powers/Abilities: Dinosaur shape shifting; enhanced smelling, hearing, seeing, feeling, and tasting; enhanced speed; super strength; can transform any part of his body into various dinosaur body parts, such as a tyrannosaurus head-like hand, or replacing his hands with pterodactyl wings; invulnerability; accelerated healing; immune to fire; has enhanced lungs that allow him to breathe underwater (he can use gills as well); can nearly break free from telepathy; immunity to hypnosis.

--Tyroguun 15:01, September 19, 2011 (UTC)

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