The Diseases Act of 1907 was an Council Law issued by the Royal Council on 29 October 1907, signed by Prime Minister Sergei Witte, and signed and progulmated by King Nicholas II of Youngia on 39 October and 1 November 1907 respectively. It was part of the Reforms of 1905-1907.

The Diseases Act provided $50 million dollars into research for curing smallpox, measles, common flu, polio, cancer, and broncythis. The Act supported research labatories and faculties and required annual vaccinations for the flu and smallpox. The Diseases Act set out cleaning and washing standards for disease protection and authorized the Diseases Awareness Program, to teach about how to prevent being infected by diseases and sicknesses.

The Act ordered everyone to get tested and set out standards covering the payment for vaccinations. This Act, with many amendments and repeals, is still in force today.

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