Dog Alkarron

Dog Alkarron

Birth name
Edward George Alkarron
May 8, 1966 (age 52)
Years active
Darlene Nulchey (1988-present)

Edward George Alkarron (born May 8, 1966), better known as Dog Alkarron, is an actor known for his "tough guy" roles in films since the early 1990s. Among his film credits are Highway to Spickle and its sequel, Burnup Blues (1994), and Buddies on the Road in 2004 with John Orange. Alkarron also made guest appearances on TV shows such as The Jordsons, 4 Good Reasons, and Frank & Amos.

Early lifeEdit

Alkarron was born on May 8, 1966, and is the younger of two sons of Gloria and John "Jack" Alkarron. His older brother is actor Blake Alkarron, who is best known for playing one of Adam Joharkin's character's teammates in the 1980s Western Joe films. While his brother was acting in the 1980s, Dog wanted nothing to do with showbusiness. That changed in 1990, when his talents were discovered by a movie producer.



Alkarron began his career in 1990, and chose not to be credited as "Edward Alkarron" or "Edward George Alkarron" in any films or television series. Alkarron chose to go by the nickname "Dog" because he is a huge fan of dogs and he thought a nickname like "Dog" would earn him tough-guy roles, and it did. His first film role was as tough Bob Figsley in Highway to Spickle, which also starred Greg O'Fennear and Jason Defoli. Alkarron's next role was as a rough-and-tough outlaw named Frouth Fisher in the 1992 film Big Frouth's in Town. In 1994, he had a main role as David Gelcher in Burnup Blues. He continued to win tough-guy roles in films throughout the rest of the 1990s, and reprised his role as Bob Figsley in Highway to Spickle: The Road Hardly Traveled.


In 2000, Alkarron was cast as a tough wrestler named Hylton Douglas in the film Hylton the Storm. He went on to star in films such as Are You Crazy? (2002), Rich n' Proud (2004), and Ain't Nothin' Good About Shapertown's Politicians (2005). In 2006, Alkarron played a retired military man named Gregory Delban in the film Don't Ever Mess with Delban. In 2007, Alkarron had a supporting role in the film The Penoshia Game as "Edward Swiltham".


Alkarron had a starring role in the film Smoke, Mirrors, & Hyll. He was also one of Owen Mattreaux's guests on The Owen Mattreaux Show.

Legal Issues

In 2011, He stabbed his sister Marie in the neck with a knife.  He was sentenced to life in prison


Film Year Role Notes
Highway to Spickle 1991 Bob Figsley
Big Frouth's in Town 1992 Frouth Fisher
Burnup Blues 1994 David Gelcher
I Took the Bet and Won 1995 Steve Buzhier
Rossland Hill 1996 Ferguson Delprey
Two Great Giants of Mountsboro 1997 Wesley Braddeaux
Highway to Spickle: The Road Hardly Traveled 1999 Bob Figsley
Hylton the Storm 2000 Hylton Douglas
Are You Crazy? 2002 Hank Osserley
Rich n' Proud 2004 Matthew Murleys
Ain't Nothin' Good About Shaperstown's Politicians 2005 William Marschey
Don't Ever Mess with Delban 2006 Gregory Delban
The Penoshia Game 2007 Edward Swiltham

Personal lifeEdit

Alkarron is married to Darlene Nulchey, his wife since 1988. Darlene is also in prison with him for the death of Marie Welch. He has a son Eddie.