Dragoonasag Interstate Route 46 (abbreviated DI-46) is a freeway in the nation of Dragoonasag. It runs from DeMann, Abercame to Mistian City, Mylo.

States traversedEdit

Major cities traversedEdit

  • Peno City, Penoshia
  • Natonelle, Penoshia
  • Mistian City, Mylo

Intersections with other freewaysEdit

  • Dragoonasag Interstate Route 11 near DeMann, Abercame
  • Dragoonasag Interstate Route 146 in Peno City
  • Dragoonasag Interstate Route 346 in Thaugheus, Mylo
  • Dragoonasag Interstate Route 23 in Mistian City



Main article: Dragoonasag Interstate Route 46 in Abercame

DI-46 begins at Dragoonasag Interstate Route 11 near the small town of DeMann. The freeway basically assumes path while in the state. While in Abercame, DI-46 crosses over the Borderline River on the Douglas Wrentz Bridge.


Upon entering Mayla, DI-46 turns southeast. It cuts through nine miles of countryside before beginning a journey through Penoshia.


Main article: Dragoonasag Interstate Route 46 in Penoshia

DI-46 continues southeast, roughly parallelling the Borderline River/Salviana state line until Peno City, the state capital. Shortly after Peno City, the freeway turns more east, going farther away from the state line. DI-46 continues to the large city of Natonelle. After Natonelle, DI-46 continues east through the countryside of Penoshia to the Mylo state line.

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