Dragoonasag Interstate Route 52, abbreviated DI-52, is a freeway that, when completed, will connect Aikenville and Zinrico City in Zinrico with Lohana City, Lohana. The current Dragoonasag Interstate Route 792 in Zinrico will be replaced by this freeway. The freeway from Lohana City to Lohana State Route 258 has been completed, as of December 2010.

States traversedEdit


Dragoonasag Interstate Route 52 begins at Dragoonasag Interstate Route 61 in Lohana City, at DI-61's exit 317. From Lohana City, it travels east, running to the south of the town of Jetham, where it joins Lohana State Route 267 and follow it to Bushville. In Bushville, it leaves State Route 267 and travels toward Irzona. DI-52 has an interchange with Lohana State Route 258 in Irzona, where it serves as the state route's east terminus. The freeway then travels past the city of Fennell, and then southeast toward Stu and Chetonia City. After leaving Chetonia City, the freeway runs east towards Chaumar. Its temporary east end is now a half mile west of the Chaumar state line.

Suggestions for the east endEdit

Two suggestions for Dragoonasag Interstate Route 52's east end have been presented. The first was presented in 2005 by Zinrico senator Ralph Shelsear, who suggested that the freeway end just north of Downtown Aikenville. The second was presented in 2006 by then-Aikenville mayor Stuart Shwarzes, who suggested that DI-792 be deleted and that DI-52 be extended along DI-792's route toward Zinrico City to provide direct access by freeway to Lohana City from Zinrico's two largest cities.


On December 5, Lohana governor Ryan Hadler met with the governors of Chaumar and Zinrico, as well as the heads of the states' transportation departments, to discuss the date on which construction of the freeway will begin. The meeting attendants agreed that the construction may start as early as February of 2010 and will start before November 2010. The Lohana transportation department is responsible for beginning the project, since the freeway's west end is in Lohana.

Construction on part of Lohana's portion of the freeway began in 2010, and the part of the freeway from Lohana City to nearly Chaumar is now complete. Construction toward the Chaumar state line began on April 30, 2011. The freeway extends to a half mile from the Chaumar state line, as of February 2013.