Dragoonasag Interstate Route 92 is a 1,276-mile freeway running from Belles Point, Arubio, to Jord City. In Mylo, the freeway runs for sixty-nine miles from the mountainous western Mylo to Dragoonasag Interstate Route 23 in Jord City.

Counties traversedEdit


Dragoonasag Interstate Route 92 enters Mylo near Charleston. The freeway continues to wind through mountainous land for about thirty miles before reaching flatter land. The freeway traverses a wooded area for about fourteen miles before entering the Jord City metropolitan area, and travels about seventeen more miles before entering Jord City. The freeway traverses Greater Jord City for the rest of its journey.

Exit listEdit

County Location Exit number Destinations Notes
Chautauqua Charleston 2 SR-67 - Charleston / Pisquotoka
5 To DRAG-882 / SR-250 - Charleston / Belchers Mountain
Pattomy Muskhonawa Township 9 SR-466 - Matthewsburg
11 SR-608 / SR-54 - Darnersville / Zappemine
14 SR-231 to DRAG-882 - Darnersville / Narchotas Mound
Patricksburg 16 SR-866/Channing Road - Berlin
Newell 18 Newell County Road 865 - Newellsburg
21 Newell County Road 49 / SR-996 - Newellsburg / Vergoss Hill