Dragoonasag Interstate Route 98 (Fatjohn Dollouve Memorial Freeway) is a freeway connecting Gerris, Payoulo to Charlotte County, Carlana. In Lohana, the freeway runs about 77 miles in southeast Lohana, and the only major cities along the state's portion of the road are Rourk and Mennissaw. The route travels through mountainous areas throughout the state.

Counties traversedEdit

  • Rogers County
  • Rourkes County
  • Mennissaw County


Mennissaw City Limits on DI-98

A Mennissaw City Limits sign along eastbound DI-98

DI-98 enters Lohana from Landoun County, Beckar. It enters Rogers County for a brief one and a half miles before entering Rourkes County. The freeway travels northeast along a four-lane highway divided by a grass median until it reaches the Rourk Metro. In Rourk, the freeway widens to six lanes, and then to eight lanes before its intersection and brief merger with DI-61. It then travels south during the merger, before splitting off four miles south, and continuing a northeast trajectory. The route soon reduces to four lanes, and continues through the Quataubla Mountains before entering the state of Cutra.

Exit listEdit

County Location Exit number Destination Notes
Rogers 1 LOH-4 - State Line City / Rogersburg
Rourkes 3 Sanders Road / Bellview Avenue
5 Bridgeley
7 LOH-78 - Canterbury / Hayvon
Rourk 9A-B McCarter Road West/East
10 Rourkes Parkway - Downtown Rourk
11A-B DI-61 - Liberty / Cartananite DI-61 and DI-98 merge through Downtown Rourk.
16 Baxter Street - Downtown Rourk / East Rourk
18 Hotel Avenue / Fouximis Street
23 LOH-605 / Blankenship Highway
27 Klinesburg / Quataubla
29 Quataubla Mountains Scenic Parkway
Mennissaw 32 Holder Road / Alver Palmer Parkway
Mennissaw 35 Mennissaw / La Garganta
37 LOH-367 - Mennissaw / South Scottsburg
38 Henry Road - Mennissaw / Klinesburg
40 Olouacotha Springs
54 Mennissaw County Road 66 - Friedmansburg / Mennissaw Gap
59 Dayton Road - Mennissaw Gap
69 George Daniel Harvey Parkway - West Ampala
72 West State Line Road - Brocksville
76 Ettacathra City / Pitman Falls, Cutra

DI-98 continues into Cutra.

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