Rural view from DRAG-124

A rural scene as seen from Dragoonasag National Route 124 in the state

Dragoonasag National Route 124 is an east-west route running from Arubio to Fallognel, Salviana, maintained by Dragoonasag's highway department. This page covers the portion in the state of Almina.

Counties traversedEdit

  • Stratton County
  • Love County
  • Milland County
  • Stephens County
  • Travor County


  • Westerville
  • Persiana
  • Truck
  • Odomstown
  • Wentworth

Major junctions and interchangesEdit

  • State Route 739 / National Route 801 in Persiana
  • National Route 333 in the Plumtree City metropolitan area
  • State Route 5 in Love County
  • State Route 555 in Odomstown


Dragoonasag 124 enters Almina near the town of Westerville. It basically travels due east along a four-lane divided highway throughout its journey through the state.

Future plansEdit

The Almina highway department is currently planning to repave all of Almina's stretch of Highway 124. A proposal to upgrade the highway to a freeway from Converse, Cutra to DI-92 has been made in order to have a more direct freeway link between the cities of Converse and LeDoux; the Almina portion of the highway lies entirely within the stretch, known as "Dragoonasag Corridor Beta 2012". There has also been a proposal to widen the highway within the Plumtree City metropolitan area to six lanes. There has been no indication of when any of these proposed projects will begin.