Dragoonasag National Route 205 (abbreviated DRAG-205) is a north-south highway running from National Route 124 in Cutra to DI-11 in Broscambe, Avalia. It is part of Dragoonasag's National Highway System.

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National Route 205 begins at National Highway 205 in north-central Cutra. It then travels north. About three-fourths of the way through Cutra, DRAG-205 turns northwest, and traverses the Allona region.


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National Route 205 then enters Carlana, continuing to traverse the Allona. It continues northwest before turning due north for a great distance before turning northwest shortly before intersecting DI-48 via a cloverleaf interchange. The highway continues toward DI-92, intersecting it also via a cloverleaf interchange. Shortly afterwards, it turns more north, but still travels northwest, continuing toward Zinrico.


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National Route 205 enters Zinrico traveling northwest, turning more to the west before intersecting National Route 72. North of the intersection, Route 205 travels almost due north, roughly paralleling Zinrico's western border.


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National Route 205 travels through Avalia for the rest of its journey, paralleling the state's western border until its north end at DI-11 in northwestern Avalia.