Dragoonasag National Route 205 is a north-south highway running from National Route 124 in Cutra to Dragoonasag Interstate Route 11 in Avalia. This page is about the part of the highway in the state of Carlana.

Counties traversedEdit

  • Friedrich County
  • Guinn County
  • Pohardon County
  • Weeden County
  • Chuquer County
  • Jacques County
  • Jackoban County
  • Brago County
  • Stuart County
  • City of Acroford (Acroford is an independent city).


  • Allona
  • Gonzolah
  • Kallin
  • Jaltown
  • Parkersdale
  • Broome
  • Weeden
  • Eight Pines
  • Bracklin
  • Hatherdale
  • Brago
  • Jayson
  • Stuart
  • Acroford


  • State Route 911 near the Cutra state line
  • State Route 70 in Allona
  • State Route 866 in Gonzolah
  • State Route 602 north of Kallin
  • State Route 806 in Guinn County
  • Lohana-Carlana Freeway south of Jaltown
  • State Route 900 in Parkersdale
  • State Route 164 in Broome
  • State Route 64 in Eight Pines
  • DI-48 in Jackoban County
  • State Routes 28 and 225 in Hatherdale
  • DI-148 near Brago
  • State Route 306 in Jayson
  • DI-92 near Stuart and Acroford
  • State Route 364 in Stuart County


National Route 205 enters Carlana from Cutra, and continues through the Allona as it journeys through Friedrich County. The route turns due north near Gonzolah, and continues due north until Jacques County, where it turns northwest, continuing toward Bracklin and Hatherdale. In Brago County, the route turns turns more to the west, and, in Stuart County, the highway turns more to the north, and continues through the rest of the county and into Zinrico.

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