Dragoonasag National Route 205 is a north-south highway running from northern Cutra to northwest Avalia. This article covers the part of the highway in the state of Zinrico.

Counties traversedEdit

Communities traversedEdit

  • Fairpark
  • Jasper
  • Gladiolus Plant
  • Louis
  • Drewtown
  • Maxwell
  • Stone
  • Park City
  • River Bend
  • Simple City
  • Dimwaye
  • Shilslach
  • Earth
  • Sam
  • Tragott

Major intersectionsEdit

  • Dragoonasag Interstate Route 792 near Fairpark
  • State Route 4 in Jasper
  • State Route 94 from Gladiolus Plant to Louis
  • State Route 20 near Gladiolus Plant
  • State Route 126 in Shapallio County
  • State Route 26 in Maxwell
  • National Route 72 in Stone
  • State Route 5 in Park City
  • State Route 7 in Simple City
  • State Route 666 in Pichulla County
  • State Route 70 in Pichulla County
  • State Routes 405 and 307 in Dimwaye
  • State Route 90 in Earth
  • State Route 98 in Sam


Dean Greybondt Highway

A sign designating part of DRAG-205 as "Dean Greybondt Highway", in Perry County

National Route 205 enters Zinrico from Carlana, and continues north toward the town of Fairpark, where it turns northwest, passing under DI-792 via an overpass. The highway continues toward Jasper, where it turns north and runs due north until its intersection with State Route 126. It then turns northwest, traversing the town of Drewtown. Near Maxwell, Route 205 turns due north. Between Maxwell and Stone, the highway turns northwest again, before gradually assuming a due-north path until Perry County, where it turns northeast before bending to the northwest in Shilslach, and assuming a due north path in Cheuter County, and maintains this path for the rest of its journey through the state.

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