Vampire on the outside, His Old self on the inside, Draken is a shadowy, teenage member of the Bionicle Kids. If there's anything he's best at in the team, it's scouting and attack, and, when with his Robot Helper D.A.B. (Draken's attack bot), Draken is also efficient in speed. When he fights, He never just bashes away. He always takes off his cape and uses basics: kicks, punches, and flying kicks. But Draken also has a style, One fight it's Elven-like, the next is Basic the whole time. "He's just trying to be impressive," Says Alpha-1. "He learned a lot in exile I bet, and he definitely learned how to fight in ways that would normally be his weakness." Draken also flies slow - "I never go fast, I scout so I can see everything" - he says.


"..........Shuttup." — After someone starts a conversation with him he doesn't want to hear or when there's a lot of shouting.

"And I'm letting you go on this rescue mission alone because?" — Episode 68, Warnings of Doom, After Alpha-1 says he's going to the Dark Land to save Electrax

"And I never will, Data, I always will....." — Says to confuse Data, who he finds annoying because of his "plans", which has arrows that point to the word bunnies, pie, or cheesecake. Unfortunately, this does not work, causing Data to say that he forgot whjat he was going to say.


Most of his powers are fire powers, but he has others. When he and Alpha-1 one merge their attacks (rarely), They can make powerful combos, and when fighting together with Alpha-1, can use Vampite (always), a devastating combo-attack.


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