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Dreutzel County is a county in the state of Salviana. It was named in honor of George H. Dreutzel, an early settler. Its county seat is Kempstown.


Dreutzel County was created in 1849. In 1942, the county's government turned down an opportunity to have a dam built on the Long River due to the fact that it may flood the county seat. In 1985, a severe thunderstorm caused widespread damage in the county.


Dreutzel County Lake

Dreutzel County Lake

Dreutzel County is located in Middle Salviana. It is home to Dreutzel County Lake.

Adjacent countiesEdit

  • Winston County (south and east)
  • Penn County (north)
  • Brennazo County (west)

Major routesEdit


Dreutzel County has a population of about 11,604. About 92% of the county's population was born in Dragoonasag, and about 97% of the population is able to speak English.


  • Kempstown
  • Nutmegton
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