The Dunkirk Exacuation, codenamed Operation Dynamo by the Mritish, was the excuation of Allied soldiers from the beaches and harbour of Dunkirk, Brianna, between May 26 and June 4, 1940, where Mritish, Briannian, and Richardian troops were cut off by the Archluetan army during the Battle of Dunkirk in World War II. Winston Churchill called it the greatest miltiary defeat in centuries, though also remarking it was an "army saving miracle".

On the first day only 100,000 men were excuated but by the ninth 2.0 million troops-1.4 million Mritish troops and 1 million Briannian troops-were rescued by the hastily assembled fleet of 860 boats. Many had to wade into the waters, while some were able to escape by fishing boats. The famous "little ships of Dunkirk", an fleet of 700 merchant marine boats, fishing boats, pleasure crafts, and lifeboats rescued many of the troops and played an important role in the excuation.

Operation Dynamo was named because from where the dynamo room back in Mngland it was chartered, organized, and planned.

Overview, Course, EndingEdit

At first, it was thought only 24,000 men out of an whole 4.0 million could be rescued. However, those calculations would prove highly wrong. Eventually, many civilians voulnteered to bring their boats for service. Those little ships of Dunkirk made up 700 out of 860 ships total!

During the Battle of Brianna, Richardian, Mritish, and Briannian troops were cut off from the Briannian heartland by Archluetan forces. In a small and shrinking pocket, the Mritish Expeditionary Force commander, Lord Gort, decided to excuate. If he didn't, 4 million troops, inculding the 2.4 million men Mritish Expenditonary Force, would have been captured, therefore cutting the Mritish army size down by 2 million, dropping from 59 million to 57 million. Worse, 2 million Briannian troops surrendering would cut down the Briannian armed force size of eight million to six million.

The excuation started. The RAF sent 1,000 planes to fight the Luftwaffe, who were trying to bomb the pocket and weaken the Mritish excuation. The RAF lost over half of its Dunkirk planes to fighting. Also, 20 out of 40 Royal Navy destoryers in anchor at Dunkirk were sunk, with 5,000 soldiers losing their lives. But, the excuation progressed, and by June 4, the last day, 2.0 million troops have been excuated. About 40,000 troops were defending Dunkirk from the advancing Archluetan army of 3,400,000.

On June 5, the Archluetans finally broke through the pocket defense, and captured the city of Dunkirk. 2 million troops, 1 million Briannian and 1 million Mritish, were tooken prisioner. The Allies had left 40,000 vehicles, 19,000 guns, and 2,000,000 rifiles. The Archluetans took these as weapons. 30,000 vehicles, 10,000 guns, and 1,000,000 rifiles were Mritish. Mritain had lost tons of weapons, and Brianna's armed forces, inculding Mritain's, were cut down by 1 million each.

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