The EM5F is the main weapon of Applecity's army. I'ts been used since 1995.

EM5F Battle Rifle EM5F Battle Rifle
EM5F Battle Rifle
Eric martin
Ammunition type
7.92x41mm APTT/HE
Clip size
45 rounds
Rounds per minute


The MagazineEdit

The magazine is actually two magazines, one 22, and one 23 round magazine. When the first one is empty, the rifle automatically switches to the second. This does not affect the fire rate.


The EM5F Magazine.

It uses the same ammunition as the older EM AK 11, 7.92x41mm APTT (Armor Piercing Tungsten Tip) or the 7.92x41mm HE (High Explosive) round. It can either have a red dot sight or a zoom-scope with 2x and 6x zooming capability. It can also have a grenade launcher, a flashlight at the left side and a laser pointer at the right.

EM5F Battle Rifle versions

Different versions of the EM5F.

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