The EM67HH ATS (Anti-Tank System) is Applecity's main anti-tank rocket launcher. It's been used since 1999.

EM67 HH Anti-Tank System EM 67 HH ATS
EM67 HH Anti-Tank System
Eric Martin
Ammunition type
EM67 HH:
    • 82mm HHE rockets
  • EM67 HHC:
    • 138mm HE rockets
Rockets per box
EM67 HH:
    • 4
  • EM67 HHC:
    • 1


In 1999, a serviceman at EM suddenly thought of tanks, and that Applecity needed an anti-tank weapon. He informed the boss of EM that such weapons would be needed in war. Unfortunately, the budget was low at the time, so that's why the EM67HH suffers from clumsiness, though it is very powerful.