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East Canipra is a nation which occupies the eastern half of the island of Canipra. It shares the island with West Canipra. East Canipra has a population of about 6,311,009. The country's capital city is Greentown, and its two largest cities are Greentown and Carcuk. The nation's longest river is the Cimadra River.


East Canipra, like the rest of Canipra, was inhabited by the Mauchoas people many years ago. In the late 1750s, English-speaking settlers arrived. They befriended the Mauchoas and lived in peace. In the late 1700s, the English-speaking settlers began to build communities, clearing forests. By the mid-1800s, many communities had been built along the nation's south coast.

In 1801, the new settlers voted on a name for their new home. On December 1, 1801, resident John Feulaug II suggested that the nation be named after the island on which it is located. In 1802, the new nation was named East Canipra, because it occupied the eastern half of the island.

In 1978, the Fianical Crash of 1978 happened, destorying the economy. East Canipra once was forced to sell cans of bean to cope. In January 1989, pre Crash levels returned and the Crash slowed.

East Canipra
Major Cities: Greentown · Carcuk
Geographical Features: Cimadra River · Freerics River