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Official name
Federation of the Republic of Easten
Allen Jones
127,844,900 2008 estimate
118,744,821 2005 census
Large Cities
January 21st, 1567
Major Rivers
Highest Point
Angel Mountain, 23,760 feet
Lowest Point
Lake Hilmore, -287 feet
3,000 missiles

Easten is a country east of Jill and north of the Seally Islands. Located on the planet Floyd-Earth, it is an moderate country in terms of area and population, with 90,400,000 citizens. The Kingdom of Youngia is larger in area and population then Easten. The country's economy was destoryed by the Fianical Crash of 1978 and did not recover until January 1989.


1567 — 1700Edit

Easten was founded as the Southwestern Territory in 1567. It was roughly half the size of the present-day Easten because of the Northern Territory (then part of Slagen) occupying the other half. The huge expanse of land, roughly 24,000,000 square miles, was sparsely inhabited at the time. During the 1500s, towns started to pop up along the Monterry Sea and the border with Slagen. Until 1670, the capital was East Bay along the Monterry. The interior of the country (about 98%) remained untouched until the mid-1600s.

In 1631, the Southwestern Territory launched a government plan to explore the interior, southern and western areas of the country. By the 1650s, much of the land had been explored and the official national borders were drawn up on a new map of the country. Since East Bay was becoming harder to govern from due to its location, a new capital was needed. The explorers suggested a large tropical bay in the south-east of the country. Because of the abundant palm trees, the area was dubbed “Palm Bay” by the travelers. In 1670, the Southwestern Territory announced the founding of Palm Bay, the new capital. While located in a distant part of the country, its position along the coast made it an excellent place for shipping and tourism.

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