A giant twister that threatened the world, the Ecto-twister was the size of 24 of the biggest states and Pennsylvania. It formed when Alpha-1, in his Bionicle Kid days, found his five-year old Proton Pack, which by that time had reversed it's purpose of keeping ghost steady and not moving were gone, and it directed 99% of the ghosts in the world to one spot, and in that moment, the ghosts made a spell on a 25-state area of cloud, making smaller ecto twisters. When the funnels began to form, they went to the starting point at the speed of sound, and collided to create the biggest twister ever. At that moment, a Air Elemental, Aerodu, possessed the twister, making it a even deadlier force. It was defeated when four Bionicle kids, Alpha-1, Snow, Flower, and Bolts, and the Ghostcatchers shot at it, with the force of more than eight Proton Packs. The Proton Packs Excelled the ghost power, reducing it to a smaller tornado, and taking out the Air Elemental, but luckily in a uninhabited area.

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