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Energy Policy of Youngia

Youngia has the largest known natural gas reserves, the second largest coal reserves, the second largest oil reserves, and the largest uranium and plutonium reserves. Youngia is the second largest oil producer and the largest natural gas producer.

Youngia earns about $500 trillion Youngian Dollars every month for it's oil sales, and twice for it's natural gas sales. About 25% of Capitalist Paradise's oil and 40% of it's natural gas is provided by Youngia. Youngia's high taxes on wealthy people, high government surpluses, and large stores of Treasury deposits have increased the number of jobs and have rose the employment level by 30%.


The Presidential Republic of Denver has the world's third largest oil reserves, largest platnium reserves, second largest natural gas reserves, and eighth largest coal reserves. Denver makes $560 trillion a month for it's sales, larger then that of Youngia's. However, Denver's low taxes policies on all people have considerably reduced the number of mining fields and have slashed thousands of mining jobs.


The Republican Goverment of Sheldonia has the world's largest oil reserves, third largest platnium reserves, third largest natural gas reserves, and largest coal reserves. Sheldonia makes $590 trillion dollars a month for it's sales, higher then Denver's or Youngia's. However, low taxes on all people have slashed the number of mining fields and cut thousands of jobs.

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