The Erdmännchen East Coast Bear Society, or EEBS, is a wildlife study project started by the University of Marlinspike's biology division. Although the main focus of the project is to gain greater understanding of the endangered Caldoses Mountain Bear, a species of bear similar to the Black Bear, they also study plants and other species of animals found exclusively in that region of the island.

History Edit

In 1999, after receiving a funding grant from Calakatz Auto Corporation, head-director of the Marlinspike university decided to use it on animal studies. The Caldoses Mountain Bear, the numbers of this species going down rapidly and being one that little knowledge existed on it's behavior, seemed a good candidate for the study. After it's proposal, EEBS was launched, Professor Thompson Auberque as head of the project and Victoria Lourere as manager.

In the start, one could only volunteer if they were a student in biology at the college. As to aid in their studying, the students would leave Marlinspike to the rural eastern seaboard of the island for one month. This student program, however, didn't take place until bears were found and tagged. It was not until 2000 that the first bear was found in the forests. It was a she-bear. Shortly after she was discovered, the bear was tranquillized and then tagged with a chip in order to be tracked. During these first years of the study, the project realized the very few numbers of the bears, as she(later named by the researchers 'Maria') was the only bear studied in the project until she gave birth to cubs in 2003.

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