Central Lohana Mansion in Ershyre

Central Lohana Mansion

Ershyre is a city in Wyboard County, Lohana. It is the county seat of the county. The city hosts the annual Ershyre Balloon Festival on the second Saturday in August. The city's nicknames are "Balloon City", referring to its annual balloon festival, "Windtown", referring to the windy conditions experienced in the area, and "The City at the 220", referring to its accessibility from exit 220 from Dragoonasag Interstate Route 61. Ershyre was named for the city of Ershyre in Whilopia.


Ershyre started out as a small community in 1885. Jason Talman founded the community. In 1892, the first Town Hall was built. In 1894, people were asked to vote on a name for the young community. Resident Joseph Muhlak requested the name "Hope" because he had hopes that the community would grow into a prosperous city. Resident Richard Veong requested the name "Ershyre", after the city in Whilopia. The townspeople voted, and 72% voted on "Ershyre", while 28% voted on "Hope". The town was named Ershyre on April 30, 1894. Much of Ershyre was destroyed by fire in 1899, and the city received help from nearby Liberty. By 1905, Ershyre fully recovered from the destruction caused by the fire.

In 1924, the first annual balloon festival was held in August. The current Ershyre Town Hall's construction began in the 1950s, but the Town Hall was not completed until 1965.

The construction of Dragoonasag Interstate Route 61 in the 1970s paved the way for Ershyre to become Wyboard County's largest city in population and area. Ershyre became the busiest city in the county in the late 1970s and early 1980s, replacing Carlotta as such.


The city of Ershyre had a population of about 19,123 during the last census. The racial make-up was as follows.

Racial Make-up of Ershyre, Lohana's Population
Race Percentage Notes
Caucasian 83.1
African 6.9
Hispanic 6.8
Parkufo 2.8
Other .4


Ershyre has a good economy because of its location near a freeway. The city is also home to the Ershyre First National Bank and the Wyboard Bank.


Ershyre is served by Dragoonasag Interstate Route 61 and by Lohana State Route 299.

Ershyre was served by the Wyboard-Heardonia Railroad from 1927 to 1966.


Ershyre is served by the Ershyre City Schools system, which includes James H. Herbak Elementary School, Ershyre Middle School, and Ershyre High School.

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