The term Explored Space is used in the Systems Union to refer to the areas of the Milky Way Galaxy have been charted by stellar cartographers. Explored Space covers approximately 4% of the galaxy, and is completely surrounded by the Galactic Gap, which no spacefaring civilization has yet been able to penetrate. Virtually nothing is known about the galaxy beyond the Galactic Gap.


Explored Space contains the only planets in the galaxy known to support life.

  • Systems Union
    • Earth
    • Eirigia
    • Lahar
    • Vasht
  • Jektim Imperium
    • Jektimet
    • Rask
    • Ruro
    • Vospara
    • Urido
  • Yaforan Interstellar Community
    • Yafora
  • The Ascendency
  • Independent / Non-Affiliated
    • Caerulia, home planet of the Caerulian people, a human offshoot
    • Dalunio, home planet of the Dalunian people, a human offshoot
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