Note: This article explains the origins of Explored Space, a creative project hosted on this Wiki, from a real-world point of view. For an in-universe explanation of Explored Space, navigate back to the parent article.

Explored Space takes place in a possible distant future, its origins pegged at 2454 in our calendar. In 2454, a species called the Ha'Ven made contact with humans on Earth, who at that point had not yet traveled far beyond their own solar system. By the 2470s, the Earth government was deeply divided over whether or not to embrace its place in the galaxy, or whether to keep to itself and its own part of space. The dispute resulted in a devastating world war, which lasted six years and killed over 700 million people.

The victory of the pro-exploration forces in 2481 unified–albeit by force–the whole of planet Earth under a single government, making it a planetary state. In the years that followed, another 150 million people, mostly those involved in the war on the losing side, were exterminated. In 2503, the Earth government declared that a new era was to be used for year-numbering, and it was applied retroactively to 2481, which was thereafter referred to as 1 NC.

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