The FBC is short for Florkish Broadcasting Corporation. The company is the main news source in Florco. The network is also a sister network of JNN. There are 10 TV providers that carry FBC, and 10 radio providers that carry FBC stations accross Florco, carrying local news and FBC programming.


The FBC radio network is the best known radio network in Florco. There are six English stations, each with a French counter part, making 12 channels per provider, making 120 stations in total. The line up is:

  • FBC Radio Talk - Features talk radio, weather and news
  • FBC Radio Classical - Features classical music, along with news on the hour
  • FBC Radio Popmusikar - Features pop music, along with morning talk shows, and local DJ programs.
  • FBC Radio Country - Features country music
  • FBC Radio Sport!/The Sport Network/Le Réseau De Sport/ESPN - Features sport news
  • FBC Radio Weather - Features weather


The FBC Television network is the oldest and best known television network in Florco.

  • FBC Television News - 22h news and weather with 2h devoted to local news.
  • FBC Television Joeaux! - Regular networking programming, shows.
  • FBC Television Sport!/The Sport Network/Le Réseau De Sport/ESPN - Sports
  • FBC Television Soaps - Soap operas
  • FBC Television Popmusikar - MTV styled programming, all songs, all day long
  • FBC Television Weather/Weather Channel - Based on the American "Weather Channel"
  • FBC Television Food/Food Network - Based on the American "Food Network"
  • FBC Television Games/Game Show Network/Réseau De Jeu - Based on the American "Game Show Network"

Each station has a French counter part, and all live programing in English and French is done in ASL on a separate channel. Moreover, English and French stations have closed captioning services.

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