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Fastlane Project
1 year (as of July 2009)
1.1 billion Palms

The Fastlane Project is a transportation project currently underway in the city of Seally. Initiated in June 2008, it is designed to completely rebuild the most crucial parts of Seally's road network.

Sub-projects[edit | edit source]

Highway 59[edit | edit source]

As part of the project, most of Highway 59 from downtown to the junction at Highway 8 is being rebuilt and expanded. Most of the stretch has been done with Concrete Fluid Solution, yet some parts have been covered by a new layer of crust. The Seally Transport Department reports that, as of July 1, 60% of the Highway 59 sub-project is complete.

Highway 59 Bypass[edit | edit source]

To help with traffic problems on Highway 59, the “59 Bypass” is being constructed. The bypass follows the old route of 50 Road inbetween the railway bridge and Highway 8. The project was recently started and only 40% of the 59 Bypass is complete.

Highway 8 (east)[edit | edit source]

Highway 8 on the eastern side of the island has been expanded to a three-lane highway. The area from the Seally Racetrack to Allaway Road has been expanded and rebuilt. This part of the project is complete.

The 8 Strip[edit | edit source]

The 8 Strip was the first area to be affected by the project. This involved covering the entire area with CFS and rebuilding five roads. All of the roads were expanded. This sub-project has been complete since mid-June.

Midtown[edit | edit source]

Highway 8 in midtown Seally is being expanded dramatically to encourage development in the once poor and deteriorating area.

Port Seally[edit | edit source]

The elevated port known as Port Seally has been dismantled and a larger port is being constructed underneath the Island by the airport. The district of the city where Port Seally once resided is being merged with Downtown Seally, providing a large amount of valuable land for commercial and residential development.

Downtown Seally[edit | edit source]

Highway 59 in Downtown Seally is being completely rebuilt. The Downtown train station has been demolished to make way for a new, more streamlined station.

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