Fatjohn & Parker: Road Buddies
Winter 2006 (January 2006)
Guest star(s)
Josh Hardbelt as Martin "Marty" Heames
Jordson Underwood as George Hadsley
Troye Lanell as Philip Windbellen
Preceded by
Followed by

Fatjohn & Parker: Road Buddies, sometimes called Fatjohn and Parker, Road Buddies, is the fourth installment of Fatjohn Adventures. It is preceded by Tennessee to New York to Salviana and followed by Waiting in Yatesburgh. Josh Hardbelt, Jordson Underwood, and Troye Lanell guest star.


Also see: Characters from Fatjohn & Parker: Road Buddies.


Fatjohn & Parker: Road Buddies is set in Dragoonasag in the winter of 2006[1]. The installment takes place in the states of Arubio, Lohana, Carlana, Zinrico, Salviana, Penoshia, and Mylo.

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