Fatjohn Dollouve

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Birth name
John Astoud Dollouve[1]
May 18, 1799 in Mount Kapline, Vegetano
March 28, 1876 (aged 76) in Bondover, Salviana
Years in the military
Emma Jean Dollouve (1821-1876)(his death)

John Astoud Dollouve, better known by his nickname Fatjohn Dollouve, (May 18, 1799 - March 28, 1876) was a Dragoonish war general best known for leading the Dragoonasag forces in the battles of Authonome and the Peregos in the 1830s and 1840s. Dollouve has been referred to as a "war hero" by some people, while others believe he was really a coward. Dollouve is not related to Dragoonasag Revolutionary War soldier Greg Dollouve[2].

Early lifeEdit

Dollouve was born in Mount Kapline, Vegetano, on May 18, 1799, to Eve Dollouve and James Dollouve, Jr. He spent his childhood years on his parents' farm in nearby Glasenberry, Vegetano. His father died when he was fourteen, and he was sent to live with his aunt and uncle at fifteen.

Military careerEdit

Dollouve enlisted in the Dragoonasag military in 1823, at age 24. He fought in the one-day Battle of Delponda, which took place near present-day Delponda, Chaumar.

Battle of AuthonomeEdit

In 1831, war broke out among the Dragoonish forces and a group of Parkufos called the Autonomau over much of what is now known as the state of Cutra. Dollouve, then aged 32, led the Dragoonish forces into battle, hoping to "kill Chief Nanuou himself. Dollouve's forces set up camp in Cutra's Southern Mountains, on the west bank of the Authonome River, while Nanuou's forces set up camp on the river's east bank. Dollouve devised a plan to storm the Autonomau camp, attacking them "in their own backyard". His plan fell apart when he reached the camp and found Nanuou and the Autonomau ready to attack him. Dollouve ordered his soldiers to retreat. The next day, Dollouve ordered his soldier Travis Haick to lead the Dragoonish forces to Fort Shane to battle the Autonomau there while he took a break. Later that day, Dollouve showed up at Fort Shane, just to find 300 of his men dead. Dollouve then showed great anger toward Haick.

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