Feline5 circa 2009

August 3, 1989 as "The Southern Five Group"
Years active
Current members
Former member
Dan Knox (1989-2015; his death)

Feline5 (known briefly as (The) Feline4, formed August 3, 1989) is a country-and-pop music group made up of five members, lead vocalist Randall Patterson, backup vocalist Jasper Randall, drummer Ron Oard, guitarist Randolph Orange, and a second guitarist, Dylan Pallarsky.

The fifth member of the group, Dan Knox, died at his home on April 6, 2015, aged 50. The group was known for nearly a week as (The) Feline4 following Knox's death. Dylan Pallarsky, who was formerly a guitarist for the band Gargerson's Square, joined the group on April 12, 2015, increasing the member count back to five.


Beginnings: 1989 to 1992Edit

The group formed in 1989, when Patterson and Randall of Tennessee united with Knox of Virginia, Oard of Kentucky, and Orange of Georgia. They started their "group career" together as "The Southern Five Group", performing at clubs and bars. In 1990, they signed on with Northson Records and changed their group name to "Feline5", a name inspired by two things: lead singer Patterson's love for cats and the fact that there were five members in the group. The group released their first album, titled "Feline5: From the Country", in 1990. Their next album, titled "Songs from Home",was released in 1991, and featured their second number-one hit "408, 3901". For that album, they sang some songs with veteran musician Kipp Joag Hudson and then-newcomers Goe Hau and Danny Newnan. The group released their third album, titled "Where the River Stops", in 1992.

1993 to 2000Edit

The Feline5 released their fourth album, titled "Our Road Songs", in the fall of 1993, and they began a road tour. While on the tour, the group performed all over the United States and Dragoonasag. They also performed at "ArtistFest 1994" in Dragoona City, along with musicians John Orphinas, Josh Treagar, and Robert Hayburger. In 1995, the group's guitarist Knox thought about leaving the group to join his high-school friend Dave Halbert to form the duo "Knox & Halbert", but decided to stay after finding out that Jefferson Kasch had joined Halbert and formed the duo Kasch & Halbert. The group released the album "What We've Done", which contained their hit "Waited Too Long for This", which made it to #7 on the charts. The Feline5 had three number-one hits in the late 1990s. In 1999, they were nominated for "Best Music Group".

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