Findus is a "cat" born 2004, who after Louie's death was chosen to be the king of Applecity. He rules with the help of his sister Tigern and the dog Norton Findus grew up together with his sister Tigern,Blåöga and Louie.

Early life Edit

Findus and Tigern is brother and sister but Blåöga and Louie is not their parents as many belive.Findus and Tigern grew up on a farm outside Applecity and where first belived to be normal cats not "cats".When they where eight weeks old they where buyed by one of the Governour Generals of Applecity and theywhere taken to his home The Temple of Applecity.A few weeks when Louie and Blåöga where "babysittting" the cats, Blåöga noticed a very high intelligens of the cats and later told Louie he examined them more and more. On their one year party, Louie told Governour General that three weeks erlier he had discovered that Findus and Tigern wherent cats, they where "cat"s After that the Governour General left them in the hands of Louie and Blåöga as they had seen godness in them as some "cats" are able to do,Findus and Tigern where then raised as the next generation of rulers in Applecity.

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