The Findus Tank Destroyer (FTD) is a heavy tank of Applecity. The FTD is armed with a 155 mm gun mounted in the hull, and one 115 mm gun in a turret and finally another turret is mounted on the first, fitting a self defence 30 mm gun. The FTD is unusual in the fact it has two turrets and it is a tank destroyer which is meant to be fast and have a heavy main gun. But the FTD follows in a design of heavy fire power and strong armor. The armor is between 30-65 cm in thickness.

The top speed is 78 km\h but it normaly drives about 30-35km\h. It"s loooks pretty much like the Tigern Tank exept for new roadwheels, a big "stick" in the front and the front MG on the left instead of right.

Findus Tank Destroyer Findus Tank Destroyer
Main Armament:
155mm EM L82
Secondary Armament:
30mm EM automatic cannon,coaxial 7,92mm MG,ball-mounted 7,92mm MG