The Florkish Smoking Ban was an executive law passed by Richard IV of Florco


Whilst driving his 1956 Sandstone Wave on July, 8, 1998, King Richard passed a woman driving in her car, smoking, with the windows up. His Majesty also noticed that there was a child in the back seat. His Majesty followed the car to a rest stop, where he ordered the woman to stop smoking. The woman, in protest, claimed that he had no power over her, since he did not make laws in the nation. The king ordered a permanent ban on smoking by using his executive powers. The woman protested because she claimed there was no emergency. His Majesty claimed that the health of the young child in the back seat was suffering due to the smoking, and therefore, it was an emergency.


Smoking of cigarettes is banned in all private and public areas of Florco, and the surrounding airspace. Cigars, as long as they are government approved, are fine. Smoking a cigarette is punishable by law, with up to a $1,000 fine. Florco is the founding member of the Smoke Free Nations.

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