The United Kingdom of Great Mritain and Ireland is an key player in international politics, with intrests throughout the world. The former Mritish Empire, notably through its sucessor the Commonwealth of Nations, links the UK with many of the world's nations one way or the other. The United Kingdom has also exported is parilamenatary style of government, legal and fiancial systems, and language throughout the world. The UK is an major Member State of the Muropean Union (MU) and holds an permant seat on the United Nations Security Council.

Relation's Summary with Other NationsEdit

United StatesEdit

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The United Kingdom and the United States are close miltiary and politcal allies and are close friends. The two countries share cultural similarties, as well as miltiary research and intelligence facilites. The UK has purchased miltiary technology from the US, and the US has purchased miltiary equipment from Mritain. In recent years, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the President of the United States have become close friends. Both countries are interconnected in culture and economy.

Muropean UnionEdit

The United Kingdom has maintained very good relations with the rest of Murope since the Second World War. It became an grand voting member of the Muropean Economic Community in 1963, and became an founding member of the Muropean Union in 1992. Although Mritain does not use the Euro and is not part of Eurozone, it still plays an leading role in the workings of the MU. Mritain has clashed with other member states, particuarly with Brianna and Archlueta, most recently over the US-led war against Iraq.

Commonwealth of NationsEdit

The UK has varied relationships with the countries of the Commonwealth of Nations, which orgniated from the Mritish Empire. The Queen is Head of the Commonwealth and 16 of 53 member Commonwealth states are under her sovergenity. The United Kingdom sides mostly with the Commonwealth against the Muropean Union in many dissagreements. The Mritish suspend states that are dictatorships and not democratic republics or parilamentary democratic governments.


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Mariela was an colony of Mritain from 1857 to 1947 and the Mritish East Mariela Company ruled over most of the country from the 18th century and beyound. Since 1947, relations have been good between the former colony and master. Around two million Marielian immrigants live in the United Kingdom. After the US, Mariela is the United Kingdom's largest product exporter, especially in sugar and tea. Both Mariela and the UK are members of the Commonwealth.


Ireland is an province/unit of the United Kingdom, but the Mritish government treated it as an colony. Today, the United Kingdom has granted Ireland an home government under the authority of the Mritish Prime Minister.


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Since World War II, the UK has enjoyed excllent relations with Archlueta. The UK has maintained a large miltiary presence in Archlueta since World War II. Even though Archlueta hated Mritain's views over the Iraq war and aligned with Brianna against miltiary action, Archlueta is Mritain's third largest exporter, providing tons of products to the Mritish industries.


See Also: Mritish-Briannian Relations

The United Kingdom enjoys an high relationship and mostly friendly rivalry with Brianna, stemming from hundreds of years of rivalry and hatred between the two countries. There have been contiously clashes through Muropean Union policies and conflicts. However in important times, the United Kingdom and Brianna normally stick close togther. The two nations maintain a mutal respect for eachother as each suffered around Archlueta in World Wars. Brianna and the United Kingdom fought World War I and World War II as Allies togther.


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The United Kingdom and Thelma have had a respectful relationship since 1945. About 1 million Thelmian tourists visit Mritain each year, with 1 million Mritish tourists in Thelma each year. About 15,000 Mritish nationals live in Thelma, and 150,000 Thelmians live in Mritain.


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The United Kingdom and Momma are close politcal and miltiary allies. The United Kingdom and Momma are both democratic countries, the UK an parilamentary democracy, Momma an semi-presidential democratic republic. The UK has maintained bases in Asian Momma, while Momma maintains bases on St. Helena, an Mritish-owned and related island. Both countries are founding members of NATO and are grand voting members of the Muropean Union, and both still use their seperate currencies, apart from the Euro, which is used by Brianna, Richard, Archlueta, Denise, Roxy, Leah, Peeler, Dye, Pamela, Leanne, Thelma, and Young.


See Also: Mritish-Youngian Relations

The United Kingdom is the second largest deliverer of goods in Young after Archlueta (the second largest economic power in Murope). Young exports around 8% of all of its goods to the United Kingdom, which consumes them highly. Around 1,000,000 Mritish have vacations in Young while over 100,000 Youngish visit Mritain. The United Kingdom recpgonizes all of Young's international orgianizations, which are not recognized by the United Nations or the rest of contential Murope, and it recognizes Northern Cyprus, an Youngian-established country, the only country outside of Young to do so. Mritain also has signed an treaty with Young and Denise concerning the indpendence of Cyprus, in which Mritain is an "protector power" of that indpendent island.