Fort Arcussin - Arcussin Gate

The Arcussin Gate .

Fort Arcussin is a Dragoonish military base located in the state of Lohana. It is located in Malliwarner, Heardonia, and North Estasia Counties. Fort Arcussin has entrances from the cities of Heardonia, Denview North, and Arcussin, the latter of which is the source of the fort's name.


In 1932, the Dragoonish military expressed interest in a piece of land within present-day Lohana, which would be used to built a military base for the Army. Originally to be called Fort Dollouve (after military hero Fatjohn Dollouve), the base was ultimately named Fort Arcussin, after the bordering town of Arcussin, which, in turn, was named for a Parkufo village.

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