Fryesworth County Courthouse

The County Courthouse in Fryesworth.

Fryesworth County is one of Almina's 79 counties. It is named after Dragoonasag Revolutionary War soldier Gabriel "Gabe" Fryesworth. Its county seat is Fryesworth.


Not very much is known about Fryesworth County's history. It is known that it was founded in the 1850s.


Fryesworth County is located in West-Central Almina.

Adjacent countiesEdit

  • Red Hill County (south)
  • Tennessawa County (south)
  • Granvillah County (west)
  • Burker County (north)
  • Roberts County (north)
  • Laww County (east)

Major routesEdit

  • State Route 49
  • State Route 54
  • State Route 115
  • State Route 642
  • State Route 801


Fryesworth County has a population of about 50,679.


  • Bishop
  • Fryesworth
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