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Orangecat Homeworld
Voice artists
Patrick Esglow (NeutraGroup)
Eddie John Sassomas (Black Bomb)

Gabarrho (also spelled Gabbarrho) is a deceased character from the movie Death of the Orangecats. He was an Orangecat warrior who fought in the Royal Orangecat Army.

Description and personalityEdit

Gabarrho is a tough warrior who wears a grey outfit and white boots. He is a perfectionist and was once the leader of the Royal Orangecat Army, until the monarch of the Orangecat Homeworld decided that he was too much of a hothead and a perfectionist to lead the royal army. Gabarrho is quickly angered, and likes to "hurry up and defeat the enemies", and that does not sit too well with his teammates.

Early lifeEdit

Gabarrho was born on the Orangecat Homeworld, and is one of the offspring of Xavarrou, a former soldier in the royal army, and Iijarra, a warrior from the Fezzahak tribe. He spent his early years training under the Orangecat King's highest-ranking soldiers.

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