City-State of the Garvey Islands - Sctadstat fon den Garvi Elanden - Ciudad-Estado de las Islas Garvey

Garbey Islands Flag

John Stossel (L)
Official Languages
English, Chathan, Spanish, Japanese, French, Toki Pona
Garvey Islander

The City-State of the Garvey Islands (/gɑɚvi aɪlənz/, Spanish: Ciudad-Estado de las Islas Garvey is a City-State of Pacardia, the smallest in area.

Situated southwest of the mainland, it is a tropical archipelago of ten islets that look like the letters S, W, E, and D when viewed top-down. The islands are named for Marcus Garvey, an important figure in the Rastafari movement. These Isles have a variety of sand colors.


English and Chathan are the national tongues of all of Pacardia, including the Garvey Islands. Spanish is an official regional language.

Garvey Islands (Collier)


Garvey Islands (Swing)


The Ten IslesEdit

Isle of Collier - green

Isle of Herer - orange

Isle of Juggalo - blue

Isle of Swing - pink

Isle of King Koontz

Isle of Paradise Coast - white

Isle of Gucci - black

Isle Newport - green

Isle Tafari - yellow

Isle of Zion - red

Sultans and SultanasEdit

The Garvey Islands Constitution allows for each isle to be run be either a Sultan or Sultana, a position that is chosen through election.

Gucci Mane - Sultan of Gucci

Byron - Sultan of Juggalo

The Most Interesting Man in the World - Sultan of Paradise Coast

Keith Stone - Sultan of Swing

Damian Marley - Sultan of Tafari

Tim - Sultan of Zion

- Herer

- Collier

- King Koontz

- Newport

Garvey Islands (Gucci)


Garvey Islands (Newport)


Garvey Islands (Tafari)


Garvey Islands (Zion)


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