Genesis (Alpha)Edit

Background Edit

Genesis is located outside of the cosmological Universe that humans have come to know. Genesis is a floating dimension that is inhabited by only minds, and anything that the minds can create, that meaning, anything. Genesis is in immaterial dimension that creates special places for their thoughts to inhabit. Those places, are universes as humans have come to know. Genesis cannot be found if it is searched for, it exists in the minds of all living creatures. Physical laws, and other such things are all rules that have been written by the inhabitants of Genesis.


The minds or spirits that inhabit there, are many. Their origin is unknown, and may never be known. But, it is has been thought that they formed themselves out of pure imagination. The minds do not occupy a physical body, or any kind of material. The structure of their Universe is believed to be in constant shape, sometimes striking inspiration to the minds, leading to major changes in events in other universes of their creation.


Akkilegna is the leader of the minds, keeping form in the universes, so that chaos may not be their outcome. What Akkilegna is, is yet to be known. Akkilegna is referred to as “Luzapaz” by the Neanderthal tribes that once inhabited the planet Earth. It was forgotten by humans as they advanced in their own knowledge. Why this ever happened is a mystery.

Breaking downEdit

The minds are incontrollable in thought, and sometimes can get out of hand. Even Akkilegna cannot control them at times. This may cause great disruptions in the universes. The trend of the minds getting out of hand, is getting more out of control each time it occurs. This may lead to a total malfunction, causing the universes to stop, and contract to where they began from.
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