A rather crude drawing of Genica.

Genica is an imaginary world that exists in a universe that consists only of the planet Genica. It was created by me (Johnny01), and has existed for about 5 earth years. From the Genican perspective, it has existed for 100,000.


In the year 1, the Fajo Fajo people appeared in the Scarecrow Island. The group split into 8 major groups. They evolved into 8 races identical to those on Earth; Black, White, American Indian, Indian, Arabian, East Asian, Polynesian, and Latino. Another race, Fajo Fajo, is recognized. People of Fajo Fajo origin typically have vibrant colored hair (usually blonde or ginger) and orange eyes. Unlike Earth, animals that are not human have equal rights.


Genica has 3 presidents: Johnny, the creator, Kara, and Kemrin Oa. These 3 leaders have to lead fairly or be voted out of rule by the one house legislature. Genica's government is entirely composed of liberal thinkers; in fact, conservatives make up only .0001 percent of the population and are intensely disliked by most Genicans. This is because Genicans evolved to think in a liberal manner.


Genica has 7 provinces.


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