George, Zinrico


Population (2012)
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George is a city located in George County in the state of Zinrico. Incorporated in 1865, it was named the county seat of George County in 1885.


George was founded in the 1840s as Centretown. In the 1860s, it was renamed George, after the county. In 1865, George was incorporated as a town and twenty years later, it became the county seat of George County. The Town of George saw significant growth during the 1890s and the turn of the century, and became a city in 1905.

The city was hit by a tornado three times in its recorded history. It was hit by a deadly tornado in 1927, and half of the city was "wiped off the map"[1]. Tornadoes hit the city again in 1944 and 1976. The 1976 tornado destroyed much of the downtown area, and the damaged buildings were replaced with buildings that, by Zinrico state law, "had to be able to survive the high winds of a tornado". As a result of that law, every building in George built after 1976 was designed to be "tornado-proof".


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The city of George is located on National Route 72, between the cities of Huey and Hatfield. Route 72 links the city with the large city of Aikenville to the southwest. George is also located at the north terminus of State Highway 71, and along State Highway 66. Highway 71 serves as a link to the state's capital city, Zinrico City. Highway 66 links George with other small cities and small towns. Along Highway 72, which is a four-lane divided highway, trucks are reminded use the right lane within the city limits, "as a safety measure to prevent semi truck-related accidents". Such rules are being put in place on all divided highways in Zinrico's cities.

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