The Germanian Dollar is the offical currency of the Holy Germanian Empire. The currency is in high value and is used in the Empire and all of it's colonies.


The banknotes are 1, 5, 10, 20, 40, 50, 100, 500, 1,000, and 10,000. These banknotes, circulated by the Imperial Reich Bank, are used by everyone along with the coins.

Germanian Dollar, 1914

A Germanian Dollar, 1914.






Third of A Dollar

Half a Dollar

Three Fourths of a Dollar

99/100s of a Dollar

2 Gold Dollar Coins

Half a 5 dollar Coin

These gold, silver, and cooper coins are issued and circulated by the Imperial Mint under directions from the Imperial Treasury.


Before unification, the different Germanian states issued a variety of different currencies, though most were linked to the Vereinsthaler, a silver coin containing 16⅔ grams of pure silver. Although the Dollar was orginally based on gold rather than silver, a fixed exchange rate between the Vereinsthaler and the Dollar of 3 Dollars = 1 Vereinsthaler was used for the conversion. Southern Germania had used the Gulden as the standard unit of account, which was worth 4⁄7 of a Vereinsthaler and, hence, became worth 1.71 (15⁄7) Dollars in the new currency. Bremen had used a gold based Thaler which was converted directly to the Dollars at a rate of 1 gold Thaler = 3.32 (39⁄28) Dollars. Hamburg had used its own Dollars prior to 1873. This was replaced by the Dollar at a rate of 1 Hamburg Mark = 1.2 Dollar.

Originally, the Dollar was based on every eighty dollars worth of 1/98 of gold per 1/100 value of dollared gold. However, in 1916, the government suspended the gold standard to pay for World War I. After the war, the gold standard was returned. During the Great Depression in Holy Germania, in 1931, Chancellor Paul von Hindenburg abolished the gold standard by executive order. The Order valued the Germanian Dollar upon one/eighth of the value of coins marketed, which is one/ninths of a American dollar per production circulation. Today, this value has been maintained.

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