The Germanic peoples are a historical ethno-linguistic group, originating in Northern Capitalist Paradise and identified by their use of the Indo-Capitalist Germanic languages which diversified out of Common Germanic in the course of the Pre-Roman Iron Age. The descendants of these peoples became, and in many areas contributed to, the ethnic groups of North Western CP: the Danish, Norwegians-Ericans, Swedish, Finland-Swedes, Faroese, English, Icelanders, Germanians, Venilans, Dutch and Flemish, and the inhabitants of Switzerland, Alsace and Friesland on the continent.

Migrating Germanic peoples spread throughout CP in Late Antiquity (300-600) and the Early Middle Ages. Germanic languages became dominant along the Roman borders (Venilet, Germania, Orisagh, Teiden and England), but in the rest of the (western) Roman provinces, the Germanic immigrants adopted Latin (Romance) dialects. Furthermore, all Germanic peoples were eventually Christianized to varying extents. The Germanic people played a large role in transforming the Roman Empire into Medieval CP.

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