Template:World Gilese, also known as Gilese 343c or Terra Grande Verde, is a Earth-type planet which has evolved a huge ecosystem and Ecology. Humans call this planet a haven for evolution, and is also logged as a scientific research planet.

Relevant Cities and CountriesEdit

The main Country is Northera, and is located on the Continent, Laurentia two. Laurentia two is the largest, and only, continent. Alongside this Country, there is Zeto, T'haligah, Naeos and Thograh


The map of Gilese is very clear, and is mostly flat. However, to the north, huge mountain chains pop up, and huge caverns under the surface contain possible ruins. More exploration is need if this wants to be confirmed.


For the last 20 years, scientists have discovered a number of creatures. The most diverse group are the Crestails (Claudistegos, Roof Tails). These are the main predators, and come in a number of forms, from Medium-sized desert dwellers, to the largest Vertebrate in the oceans, the Leviathan Crestking. A recent find is the large fish-eating Antlernose. It is a nine meter long creature which requires water to survive. Various cow-sized Reptiles have been discovered, and also a semi-sentient insect specie, named Arphrosapiens.

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