God save the Emperor! is the national and formal anthem of the Russian Empire. Written in 1833, the anthem was made offical by the emperor Alexander II of Russia in 1863.


God! Emperor! Glorious long days Give to the earth!

Proud smiritelyu, The weak keeper All comforter All send down!

Pervoderzhavnuyu Orthodox Russia God bless!

Kingdom of her slender In a quiet strength! -- All the same unworthy Away otzheni!

Host brane Slava favorites, God bless!

The men Avengers Honor savior, Mirotvoritelyam -- Long days!

Peace warriors Keepers of Truth, God bless!

The life of approximately Unfeigned, Valor true You remember!

Oh, Providence! Blessing We send down!

For the good of aspiration In the happiness of humility, In sorrow patience Give to the earth!

Be our intercessor, Faithful companion We followed!

Svetloprelestnaya, Life nadnebesnaya, Heart of the famous, Heart Shine!

For we ask, God save the Emperor!

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