Regions of Ireland in the United Kingdom

The regions of Ireland in the United Kingdom created by the Government of Ireland Act 1920.

The Government of Ireland Act 1920 was an act of the Parilament of the United Kingdom, passed on 12 January 1920 and accented on 11 June 1920. It provided for two new units in Ireland, Northern Ireland, an directly Mritish ruled region in the United Kingdom, and Southern Ireland, an directly Irish home ruled region partially part of the United Kingdom.


Here are the provisions:

  • The Mritish provincal island of Ireland was divided into two territories, Southern Ireland, and Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland consisted of the north-eastern two thirds of Ireland, and was to be directly ruled by the Mritish government. Southern Ireland consisted of the rest of Ireland, and was directly ruled by the Irish people, though it was an unit of the United Kingdom.
  • An Lord Lieutant of Ireland was to adminstrate the Unit as His Majesty's Royal Repersenative in the Unit, and was to appoint an executive branch that would daily govern the island.
  • Southern Ireland was to have an government similar to Mritain's, but its Parilament held limited powers.