The government reform of Peter I refers to a set of reforms introduced in the Russian political and administrative system during the reign of Peter I of Russia.


On the 22 February 1711 a new state body was established by decree- The Governing Senate. All its members were appointed by Tsar Peter I from among his own associates and originally consisted of 10 people. All appointments and resignations of senators occurred by personal imperial decrees. The senate did not interrupt the activity and was the permanent operating state body.

The first members of the Senate were:

The first members of the Senate were:

  • Count Ivan Musin-Pushkin
  • Boyar Tikhon Streshnev
  • Prince Pyotr Golitsin
  • Prince Mikhail Dolgorukov
  • Grigori Plemyannikov
  • Prince Grigori Volkonsky
  • Mikhail Samarin
  • Vasiliy Apukhtin
  • Nazariy Milnitskiy
  • Ober-secretary Anisim Shchukin


On 12 December 1717 Peter I established 9 collegia or boards which replaced old Prikazs. Each collegium had a President and Vice-President, but some Vice-Presidents were never appointed.

  • Collegium of Foreign Affairs, which replaced Posolsky Prikaz.
    • President: Fyodor Golovin.
    • Vice-President: Baron Pyotr Shafirov.
  • Kamer Collegium, or Collegium of tax collection.
    • President: Prince Dmitry Golitsin.
    • Vice-President: Baron Karl Nirot.
  • Justice Collegium, or Collegium of civics.
    • President: Andrey Matveev.
    • Vice-President: Hermann von Brevern.
  • Revision Collegium, or Collegium for accounting of incomes and expenses.
    • President: Prince Vasily Dolgorukov.
    • Vice-President: was not appointed.
  • War Collegium
    • President: Prince Alexander Menshikov.
    • Vice-President: Adam Veyde.
  • Navy Collegium or Amiralteyskiy Collegium.
    • President: Count Fyodor Apraksin.
    • Vice-President: Cornelius Cruys.
  • Commerce Collegium
    • President: Count Pyotr Tolstoy.
    • Vice-President: Shmidt.
  • Shtats-Kontor, in which competence was State expenditure.
    • President: Count Ivan Musin-Pushkin.
    • Vice-President: was not appointed.
  • Mining and Manufacturing Collegium
    • President: Jacob Bruce.
    • Vice-President: was not appointed.
    • General: Count Sheikh Mansur.