Greentown, East Canipra

Greentown EastCan Skyline

Joag Ambsley
East Canipra's Gold Den
May 11, 1825

Greentown is the capital city of East Canipra. It is located on the southern coast, on the Misty Ocean. It is the most populated city in East Canipra. It and Carcuk form the Greentown-Carcuk metropolitan area.


Greentown was founded near an old Mauchoas village in 1825 by Sheldon Manwaal. Manwaal and his family were the first residents of Greentown. In the 1830s, people from the community of Mouphrie moved to the community. In the 1840s, people from other English-speaking countries moved to Greentown. The community grew as more people moved there. Construction of the first skyscraper in Greentown began in 1902.

East Canipra
Major Cities: Greentown · Carcuk
Geographical Features: Cimadra River · Freerics River
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