Greg O'Fennear

O'Fennear circa 1975

Birth name
Gregory John O'Fennear
November 5, 1952 (age 66)
Years active
"Wallet" O'Fennear
Darlene Maccleson (1981–present)

Gregory John "Greg" O'Fennear (born November 5, 1952) is an actor best known for his role as Elam Jarkans in the 1970s TV series Jarkans from 1973 to 1978. He has made guest appearances on shows from Tempora Family to Frank & Amos.

Early life and familyEdit

O'Fennear was born on November 5, 1952, and is a member of the O'Fennear family of actors. His father, the late Richard O'Fennear, rose to fame in the 1940s. His two brothers Kevin and Thomas are also actors, best known for their roles in Family of Two and Westtown Hills, respectively. His mother, Amanda Bloine, is also from a family of actors and actresses, thus, he is related to actors Stuart Bloine, Daphne Bloine-Wilkoff, and James John Bloine. He has two famous uncles, David O'Fennear and Walt O'Fennear.


O'Fennear made his acting debut in 1973 in a small role in the film Burnhill Rascals. Later that year, he joined the cast of Jarkans.


O'Fennear played young Elam Jarkans, the title family's oldest child, from 1973 to 1978. It was on the set of the show that he met his TV father William Maccleson, whose daughter he would later marry. He also established a longtime friendship with co-star and TV brother Ryan Zubeck.

During a 1975 interview, O'Fennear was asked how it felt to be on the set of Jarkans, and he responded, "It feels like boot camp. If you mess up even a little, the producers will frown and scold you"[1]. According to O'Fennear, the shows producers would require him to do workouts before taping each episode of the show.

In 1976, O'Fennear got in a heated argument with co-star Seth Allan Gerchie over "nonsense"; this argument led to Gerchie's exit from the show in December 1976.

O'Fennear left the show in 1978, and Jarkans went on for one more year without him.

Other workEdit

Television rolesEdit

O'Fennear also made guest appearances on shows such as Tempora Family (1977), Greentown (1985), and Fatjohn (1992). He starred in films in the 1980s and 1990s. He made a guest appearance on Great Hill Folks in the mid-1990s. He later guest starred on the show The Texas Wilsons, in which he again worked with voice actor Jack Lees. O'Fennear guest starred in 2000s sitcoms such as Frank & Amos (2004), The Jordsons (2006), Our War (2008), and The Life in Phillipsburg (2009).

Film rolesEdit

In 1975, he alternated between Jarkans and his film Zinsgrove. In 1980, he was cast to play a young businessman in the film Mr. Belcher. After Mr. Belcher, O'Fennear went on to star in the films Great Hillstown Night (1983), Stuartson (1985), and Max Bantan (1988).

I the 1990s, he became a member of the "NinetiesGroup", a group of actors that also include John Walter, Frouth Dade, Joey McDowell, and Mark Chratton, among others. As a result, he often worked with Chratton and McDowell.

In the 2000s, O'Fennear starred in at least one film each year, including Drivin' out of Nopavek (2000) and Code L.U.C.A.S. (2008).

Personal lifeEdit

O'Fennear is married to Darlene Maccleson, who has been his wife since September of 1981. He and his wife have three children, actor John Thomas (born 1984), actress/singer April (born 1992), and Ralph (born 1999). He is a vegetarian[2]. He also does not smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol[3].

Cancellation of appearancesEdit

O'Fennear has been known to cancel appearances. In 1988, he was supposed to arrive in Winston, Salviana for to promote Max Bantan, but he cancelled due to then-Winston mayor Herbert Zinze Windsell making a negative comment about him in what was known as "Windsell's Comment to the World". He turned down a trip to Yindart in 2002 due to an anti-O'Fennear poster made by two high-school students from the province of Hoscomb.



Greg O'Fennear's television appearances
Show Year Role Notes
Jarkans 1973-1978 Elam Jarkans Major role
Tempora Family 1977 Dick Halverns Guest appearance
Greentown 1985 Edwin Bruggs Guest appearance
Fatjohn 1992 Derek Herkens Guest appearance
Great Hill Folks 1995 Lieutenant Ferguson Holman Guest appearance
The Texas Wilsons 1997 "Uncle Patrick" Haicks Guest appearance
Frank & Amos 2004 Mayor of Xavier Guest appearance
The Jordsons 2006 Lester "Les" Geudmaar Guest appearance
Our War 2008 Gordon Beldey Guest appearance
The Life in Phillipsburg 2009 Sherb Joseph Aiken Guest appearance


Greg O'Fennear's film roles
Film Year Role Notes
Burnhill Rascals 1973 Stephen Bernicks
Zinsgrove 1975 William Schaidan
Mr. Belcher 1980 Mr. Andrew F. Belcher
Great Hillstown Night 1983 Xavier Murcham
Stuartson 1985 Josh Stuartson
Max Bantan 1988 Wally Bantan
Highway to Spickle 1991 Ben Hyllon Vernon
Jackson/Frayes 1993 David Frayes
U R Drafted 1994 Charles McCormack, Jr.
Xavier, Beckar 1995 Frederick Stemmes
Jackson/Frayes II 1996 David Frayes
Steve Melchin: World's Worst Wedding Planner 1998 Steve Melchin
Highway to Spickle: The Road Hardly Traveled 1999 Ben Hyllon Vernon
Drivin' out of Nopavek 2000 William "Willie" Ferskaard
The Hillstown Planners 2001 Eddie Haskamp
Waiyessaukee Hills 2002 Kyle Herbanks
Code L.U.C.A.S. 2008 Gary Darrens


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