Gregory Alver Wilson

G A Wilson, September 2008

Birth name
Gregory Alver Wilson
August 25, 1962 (age 56)
Years active
Sheila McBuhr (1985-2008)

Gregory Alver Wilson (born August 25, 1962) is a Dragoonish actor best known for his roles in film in the 1980s and 1990s. His career goes back to 1981.

Early lifeEdit

Wilson was born in LeDoux, Salviana, the younger of two sons of Brenda Auchera and J. Jord Wilson. When he was two, he and his family moved to Jord City, where his father got a job. Wilson's parents divorced when he was six; his mother went back to her home state of Salviana, while his father remained in Mylo. Wilson lived with his father, while his brother Edward went to live with his mother. Wilson attended Jord City's East Enzzetta High School, which fellow actor Herbert McBelch also attended. After graduation, he went to the University of Mylo in Jord City, but left after being discovered by a famous movie director.



The Prescaderna Politicians 001

Wilson as Ian Belchworth in The Prescaderna Politicians (1986)

Wilson began his acting career in 1981, at age 18, when he was cast as George Filboux in the film Young and Happy. On his 19th birthday on August 25, 1981, his co-stars threw him a big party[1]. Wilson was offered to reprise his role in Young and Happy II in 1983, but he declined, telling producers he had other plans.

In 1986, Wilson was tapped by famous director Richard Alkarron to star in the film The Prescaderna Politicians, alongside veteran actor Patrick Mangden and the late Ralph Hankars. He and Mangden became friends on the set. When filming wrapped, Wilson told Alkarron, "If there's ever a sequel, let me know." Wilson went on to star in the 1987 film Eddie from Carlana as Edward "Eddie" Kalgarron. In 1988, Wilson was tapped by film director Gabriel McGuilla to play criminal Stewart Baucklan in the film Baucklan, but he turned it down, stating that he did not want to play a criminal, "especially not one who existed". Wilson went on to star in the military film Zinrico Dave. He closed out the 1980s with a role as a college student in 1989's I'm Back in College!. He received his first Brantz Award nomination for the role.


Bald Gregory Alver Wilson

Wilson, with a shaved head, in 1992. He shaved his head for a role in the film Joe Eezel.

Wilson's first role in the 1990s was as a funny gym teacher in the film Coach McBelch. In 1992, Wilson was cast to star in the movie Joe Eezel, a role for which he had to shave his head bald. In a 1993 interview, Wilson stated that he disliked having to go bald for the role. He took a break from filming until his hair grew back enough for him to return to work without "being laughed at for my baldness"[2]. By 1994, Wilson returned to work, playing a corrupt politician in the 1995 film Crooked, which many critics accused of being a lot like his 1986 film The Prescaderna Politicians. Wilson responded to those critics by saying, "Those politicians (in my 1986 film) were not very crooked like the ones in Crooked."

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