Hannah in Elmira's cave

Age:15 Gender:Female Friends:Lizzie, Shin, Gint and Sarah Enemies:Elmira Family:Lucy Winnoh(mother) and Bruce Winnoh(father)

Hannah is the 15 year old daughter of Dr Bruce Winnoh of the Hammerville hospital. When she's not helping mum with the housework or hanging out with her friends, Hannah is saving the world as the legendary hero Orbit. What Hannah doesn't know is that her mother used to be Orbit in a previous life. Hannah has a pale blue eye that is the reason for her having her powers.


  • Orbs: Hannah has the ability to throw glowing blue orbs of energy out of her hands. These are very useful for destroying black spirits.
  • Danger Senser: When Hannah senses danger her damaged eye hurts badly. This lets her know when a black spirit is nearby.
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